Multi-Use LIFE-Card(LegalIdentity For Everything Card)Patented

LIFE Cards are the world’s first and most versatile biometric smart ID and payment card, for exact personal identification, secure payment, controlled logical and physical access and travel card. SOSB’s patented LIFE-Cards utilize the most advanced cryptographic, state-of-the-art security related features of any individual card in the world. On an ISO 7816 smart card platform, the LIFE-Card is NOT just another smart card, but a biometrically activated ID card that requires a user’s biometrics for authentication that does not require any biometric registrars or databases for operation or a user’s verification.

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Multi-Badge (Multi Use Legal Transmitting Identity Badge) Patented 

This Multi-Badge is specifically designed to meet the identity needs of any health care or other enterprise business requirements that necessitate physical and/or logical data access as well as time and attendance reporting. As one of the most secure ways to sign-on to a computer, the Multi-Badge completes all identity requirements for today’s world. These badges can be personalized on any standard card/badge printer and can be used as an ordinary employee ID badge. Touching the biometric sensor on the back of the Multi-Badge, biometrically authenticates the user and transmits data of the badge holder’s confirmed identity to the organization’s administration, payroll/HR department, and security access control system, a (Must-Have) in hospitals, especially for medication access and user access verification.

  Eliminates Passwords
  Battery Operated
  Stand-Alone Operation
  Single Sign-On
  Rapid Access Control
  Secure Transactions
  Never Expire
  Multi-Factor Authentication

 National ID
 Payment/Credit
 Enhanced Drivers License
 Voter
 Access Control

 Transportation/Travel Card
 Insurance
 Healthcare

BioAID (Biometric Authentication Identity Device) Patented 

The BioAID is a small mobile intelligent docking station for the SOSB family of LIFE-Cards that can be used for a number of secure verification tasks including verification of an individual through just a users biometrics. Its battery makes it ideal for all portable systems where power can be scarce. This portable verification and card docking station can provide secure user verification while also providing a secure link to the RAGE™ Network via GPRS. An added feature to this mobile device is the addition of on-board memory, capable of storing up to 64GB of data, making this device a: secure biometric data storage vault, only accessible through the enrolled owner’s biometrics.

\sos-be\ - Secure Overall Safe Biometrics


CADDY-PILOT(Card Authentication Docking Device for Your Private Individual Link for Online Tasks) Patented

This battery operated mobile device is a hand-held intelligent docking station for all LIFE-Cards and standard credit cards that can stand-alone or plug into a smart phone. “The CADDy”- for short, can authenticate any card without being connected to any computing system or database for use and act as a point of sale reader for a standard credit card. Authentication is instantaneous since the LIFE-Card contains biometric data of the user. Also the CADDy's built-in biometric recognition system can verify its owner without a LIFE-Card present.

iCADDy™ (Individual Card Authentication Docking Device for You) Patented 

The iCADDy is a desktop or wall mounted intelligent biometric authentication device that can verify a user with any of SOSB’s LIFE-Cards without being connected to any computing system or database. Also, this card authentication docking station used for a number of secure verification tasks including time and attendance recorder. Its (optional battery) makes it ideal for mobile systems where power can be scarce. This portable docking station can provide secure user verification data records in real time when connected by one of its multiple connection modes. Data harvesting can be accomplished through USB direct connection to a computer, wireless or through its optional GPRS communication module (similar to cell-phone communications). An added feature to this authentication jewel is the large capacity of on-board memory, capable of storing over 100,000 events on-board before download.

BioCAD™ (Biometric Card Authentication Device) Patented 

The BioCAD is a state-of-the-art, patented biometric card and verification system. Unlike the typical POS credit card reader systems in use today, the BioCAD system can only be used with a person’s biometrics from their own card. Retailers and consumers can rest assured that credit card fraud and theft will soon be a thing of the past with SOSB's patented BioCAD and CADDY-Pilot Solutions. These all-in-one BioCAD readers do not require any biometric registrars or databases for operation or use. Verification of a user is instantaneous and in less than a second, with secure encrypted processing on-board, authentication is accomplished with just a touch of a finger, with or without a SOSB SAFE Card. Imagine; a user can be biometrically verified as the person that owns the credit card.