Biometric Enhanced Driver's License/Multi-SAFE Card

SOSB's CEO's Testimony in front of the Maryland State Senate: February 2, 2016
If passed, Marylander's would be able to start carrying one card that can be: a driver’s license, an international form of ID, payment card, TSA travel card, insurance card, access control card, government employee ID card and most importantly a healthcare card. Now, this EDL/Multi-Card can be fully utilized at the option of the user. All Maryland drivers would be given the opportunity to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of the new EDL/Multi-Card. Those who opt-in, will be charged a minimal additional  license fee and benefit from all the advantages this card has to offer worldwide. Additionally, those who “opt-in” will possess an ID that verifies their true identity; anywhere in the world. If a card is ever lost or stolen it is rendered useless because the only one that can use the EDL/Multi-Card is the enrolled owner of the card.

It's all the RAGE - SOSB SOLUTIONS UNVEILED…. January 5, 2011     

Edgewater, MD January 5, 2011: You can now eliminate the chance of online fraud or theft. SOSB, Inc., a visionary and leader in biometric technology and introducing “Tomorrow’s Innovations Today” will premiere their state-of-the-art biometric sign-on and identity products, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. SOSB’s family of unique solutions are sure to be the highlight of this year’s show as they are presenting the technology of the future, today. SOSB Solutions are some of the world’s most sophisticated technological advancements created to verify a person’s identity beyond doubt along with keeping their identity safe and secure online. This family of ID cards, networks and sign-on devices are for our ever demanding world in which security is foremost and identity and information theft are now a global threat. ......................................................................

Biometric Credit Card Press Release: June 1, 2014
Retailers and consumers can rest assured that credit card fraud and theft will soon be a thing of the past. SOSB Corporation, of Edgewater, MD, the global leader of biometric ID solutions, is unveiling its new Biometric Credit Card and BioCAD Transaction System June 11th at the 2014 National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference and Expo at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL  ........................................................................................................

SOSB get a NEW Home…. September, 2009    
Edgewater, MD is the new home to SOSB Corporation, a unique developer, manufacturer and integrator of their own patented, biometric identification devices and related cryptographic and PKI solutions. The facility is a secured, undocumented (address concealed), 86,450 sqft in total of R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing and administration campus with 10 acres of fenced fortitude. These new facilities have numerous capabilities for multiple projects from conception to product installation.

\sos-be\ - Secure Overall Safe Biometrics  and Systems

The Global Leader of Biometric ID Cards, Identity Management, Access Control and Cyber Security Solutions

SOSB's CEO's Keynote Address at the 2016 Mobile Banking & Cyber-Security Conference in Nairobi, Kenya: August 30, 2016
Biometrics for User Identification and Cyber Security in the finance industry was the topic of the Keynote address. A hush fell upon the room when Mr. C announced SOSB's Multi-Card, a fraud and theft proof Biometric Credit Card and POS system. Stunned by the Multi-Card and all that it could do for ID and secure transactions, attendee's were equally impressed with SOSB's hardware based, biometric single sign-on solution that is hack-proof. An overwhelming response of questions were addressed after the realization he confronted that the threats we face in cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are vulnerable to a wide range of risk stemming from both physical and cyber threats and hazards. The most important fact of the address; We need to use another form of sign-on other then user names, pins and passwords, His solution: the RAGE.


CEO's Keynote Address to Ireland's Banking Cyber-Crime and Fraud Symposium in Dublin, Ireland: April 5, 2016
Cyberspace is particularly difficult to secure due to a number of factors Mr. C stated to a packed room of bankers and financiers. A grave concern that the ability of malicious actors to operate from anywhere in the world and the linkages between cyberspace and physical systems, and the difficulty of reducing vulnerabilities and consequences in complex cyber networks it the biggest threat to all who use the web. The realization and growing concern is the cyber threat to critical infrastructure is increasingly subject to sophisticated cyber intrusions that pose new risks everyday and we need to keep them OUT. The only and best way, SOSB's hardware based, biometric single sign-on solution that is hack-proof, The RAGE.

United Nations 70th General Assembly: September 29, 2015

CEO Presents SOSB's Biometric Solutions for Evolving Countries
SOSB’s CEO had the distinguished honor of speaking at the United Nations 70th General Assembly in New York - "Maintenance of International Peace and Security and Sustainable Development Summit”. He presented SOSB’s biometric solutions in front of many of the African and European Union attendees receiving a warm welcome from different African countries Presidents and dozens of countries delegates. This incredible opportunity to demonstrate his patented technology in front of so many wonderful people immediately positioned SOSB as a growing leader in biometric technology to benefit their countries, helping to secure their borders while eliminating fraud, corruption and theft. This huge success was the opening of new opportunities in many more evolving countries. The former President of Nigeria comments at the end of the secession about what was presented by the CEO and SOSB’s solutions was a phenomenal boost to future implementations in more countries throughout Africa and Europe. This has already proven beneficial and this technology is on its way to make a difference not just in Africa but globally.

Endless CAPABILITIES in the size of a CREDIT CARD: January 6, 2011

SOSB, Inc. an innovator of biometric ID solutions is introducing its family of ID cards at the 2011 CES show in Las Vegas. The SAFE Card™ is the worlds’ “first” and most versatile card for exact personal identification, controlled access and secure payment. The patented SAFE Card utilizes the most advanced security related features of any individual card on the market today. On an ISO 7816 smart-card platform it is “NOT” just another RFID smart card, but a self-authenticating biometric ID with its own built-in biometric fingerprint recognition system and Match-on-Card.................................................................................