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Biometric Credit Card: June 1, 2014

Retailers and consumers can rest assured that credit card fraud and theft will soon be a thing of the past. SOSB Corporation, of Edgewater, MD, the global leader of biometric ID solutions, is unveiling its new Biometric Credit Card and BioCADD Transaction System June 11th at the 2014 National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference and Expo at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The BioCADD solution is a state-of-the-art, patented (Biometric Card and verification system) that is unlike the typical POS credit card reader systems in use in most instances today. The BioCADD system can only be used with a person’s biometrics on their own card. Known as SOSB’s SAFE CardTM, this biometric card holds the card’s owner biometric data in the card for validation of that user anywhere, anytime the card is used. There are no visible account numbers on the card and the card can only be activated and used by the owner of the card in an approved BioCADD reader.

These all-in-one BioCADD and SAFE Credit Cards solutions do not require any biometric registrars or databases for operation or use. Authentication is accomplished with just a SOSB SAFE Card reader. Verification of a user is instantaneous, less than a second, with secure encrypted processing onboard SOSB’s proprietary readers. Imagine; a user can be biometrically authenticated and verified as the person that owns the credit card they are holding, anywhere in the world, anytime, by a simple touch of their finger. The individual user’s biometric and physiological data resides in an encrypted environment in the card, (not in any stores or agency’s database) so that verification can be achieved anytime. Personal or account data theft, will no longer be possible because of the high levels of encryption used in the protected cards environment.

The SAFE Card is used around the world and is uniquely designed for varied needs of identification of a user in isolated or rural areas without common forms of connectivity. In addition, the SAFE Card and BioCADD system is applicable in everyday use where any need of transaction verification is necessary. The multi-purpose SAFE Card is also ideally suited for employees’ clock-in and out for time and attendance, making payroll more exact and cost saving. Online purchases can now be done securely and efficiently with just a touch of a finger on one of SOSB’s portable card readers or single sign-on devices for an individual.

Endless CAPABILITIES in the size of a CREDIT CARD: January 6, 2011

SOSB, Inc. an innovator of biometric ID solutions is introducing its family of ID cards. The SAFE Card™ is the worlds’ “first” and most versatile card for exact personal identification, controlled access and secure payment. The patented SAFE Card utilizes the most advanced security related features of any individual card on the market today. On an ISO 7816 smart-card platform it is “NOT” just another RFID smart card, but a self-authenticating biometric ID with its own built-in biometric fingerprint recognition system. This stand-alone, all-in-one card combines memory and a magnetic strip that does not require any biometric registrars or databases for operation or verification. With the capacity to hold 11 charge or financial accounts the SAFE Card is only accessible by the cards owner, eliminating fraudulent card usage or ID theft. The enrolled user simply touches the fingerprint sensor and is immediately verified as the owner of that card. This entire operation is accomplished on the card completely independent of any external database or host computers. The SAFE Card’s RFID capabilities make it both easy to use and easy to adapt to existing systems. When a user plugs their SAFE Card into its partner, the CADDY-Pilot, a touch of their finger links them directly to a pre-designated network or online site. This effortless match eliminates user names, passwords, PINs, plug in tokens or personal account information, thus eliminating the chance of fraud, ID or account theft. Imagine all of this now, in the palm of your hand.

Today’s digital era proves traditional methods of identity verification are no longer sufficient.  Biometric identification is a valid and preferred method of identity authentication and valuable in a variety of fields such as: Banking, Retail, Law Enforcement, Education, Transportation and Airline Industries, Healthcare, as well as Homeland Security. SOSB’s proven biometric ID SAFE Card can secure all your personal and business needs by just a touch of a finger.

It is imperative to increase the presence of the correct, up-to-date technology in our everyday lives and SOSB has done just that.  SOSB designed this system to not only meet, but exceed the federal mandate for multi-factor authentication while being the most secure and versatile family of solutions clearly eliminating the chance of fraud or theft.For more information stop by and see these remarkable solutions at the CES Booth 36818 located on second level of the convention center South building. Come by to meet Mr. C, developer of these solutions and see our systems in operation.  Mr. C will demonstrate how advance SOSB's bio-metric systems truly are and why we are leaving our competitors envious.

It's all the RAGE - SOSB SOLUTIONS UNVEILED…. January 5, 2011     

You can now eliminate the chance of online fraud or theft. SOSB, Inc., a visionary and leader in biometric technology and introducing “Tomorrow’s Innovations Today” will premiere their state-of-the-art biometric sign-on and identity products, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. SOSB’s family of unique solutions are sure to be the highlight of this year’s show as they are presenting the technology of the future, today. SOSB Solutions are some of the world’s most sophisticated technological advancements created to verify a person’s identity beyond doubt along with keeping their identity safe and secure online. This family of ID cards, networks and sign-on devices are for our ever demanding world in which security is foremost and identity and information theft are now a global threat.The RAGE is a patented (Restricted Access Global Environment) that is unlike the un-secure Internet environment we use today that hackers cannot breach. The RAGE can only be accessed through a biometrically verified user with a SOSB biometric sign-on device, a huge solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Users of SOSB’s devices are verified through biometrics only, not the typical antiquated and un-secure user names, passwords, PINs, or tokens. This effortless match provides the most secure access to any account or online venue. SOSB designed these solutions to not only meet, but exceed, the Federal mandate and the FFIEC banking mandate for secure multi-factor single sign-in authentication. SOSB’s solutions are the ultimate alternative for our ever demanding world where logical and physical security is our foremost concern.

Now in use all over the world, SOSB solutions provide the most secure and versatile sign-on and identity solutions available today. One of SOSB's crown jewels, the first of its kind, “I-Pass” will be on everyone's radar. A unique, biometric activated device that fits in the palm of your hand and provides the most secure way to access any online account, VPN or intranet. By a simple touch of the finger, instant authentication is granted without the need of user names, PIN’s or passwords. The I-Pass stores a fraction of the enrolled user’s fingerprint data in encrypted templats that is used to verify and authenticate the user. The simplicity of the I-Pass further eliminates ever having to change passwords again. SOSB’s biometric devices along with the New RAGE create a secure and resilient operating environment where all forms of commerce and discovery are freely practiced without personal or financial risk. It is now possible to eliminate the risk of online fraud and theft and your data being stolen or compromised.