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\sos-be\ - Secure Overall Safe Biometrics

The World's "First" stand-a-lone Multi-Card - A Fingerprint Biometric Identification Card

  • That does not require any biometric database or computing system for user verification   

The Multi-Badge - A Fingerprint Activated Blue-Tooth ID Badge for Physical or On-Line Access

Biometric Credit Card and Point of Sale Transaction System

  •  Providing Retailers and users a theft and counterfeit proof Credit Card and POS system   

Enterprise Biometric Access Control Solutions

  •  Offering biometric access control for set locations or field use and Marijuana sales/processing facilities

Encrypted Biometric Time and Attendance and Payroll Systems

  • Allowing full anonymity of all users through high levels of multi-tiered encryption)

Multi-Factor Fingerprint Biometric Single Sign-On Solution

  • Using a hardware based, biometric device for secure sign-on with a fingerprint   

Biometric Educational Attendance Systems